Monday, August 6, 2012

Made it Monday

This is actually a made it weekend. I have a first grade resource page and Mr. Book.
Michelle over at FabulousInFirst 
has a great first grade helper. I also saw another helper that was similar on another blog and I'm sorry that I forgot which one. I liked the idea of kids having something at their desks to use as a reference. Two issues I have is that my class doesnt have enough wall space for what I want to put up and when the words are on the wall it becomes a distraction and some kids get up just to get up and then forget why.

I created a three page resource, I really tried to get it into a two page but there was just too much. I also used our current LA program cards and spellings. Dictation is a big thing in our district and they want the kids to use the sound spelling cards when writing.

Take a look. There is one for boy and girls and the only difference is the number line design. Three pages total, the first one is a word wall, the second page is numbers with 120 charts, words for shapes and numbers, and a number line, the third page is the sound spelling cards for our LA program.

click here

boys number line is dinosaurs

click here
girl number line is fairies

MR. BOOK! My youngest kids did this in first grade last year at their school and I thought is was cute and many years ago our librarian read my class a book about taking care of books that goes along with this little one. Our librarian is gone and I cant find the book she read but this is still a good first week activity.

Click here for the book

Most of the pages are self explanatory. Page 7 requires smudging chocolate, either with a brown crayon or I may give them a "kiss" and have them smudge some on the page. On page 8 my daughter has a bite mark with her teeth.Page 9 requires a band-aid.

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