Sunday, July 29, 2012

Classroom and Cake pops!

Not the way I want them to go. 5 tables do not fit right.

5 fits pretty good here. My daughter cleaning a random table. No screen for the projector.
My classroom layout is torturing me. I want to try something new but I dont know if it is going to work. For the past two years I have been the intervention coordinator. I removed all the desks and put only U-shaped tables in my room. I have decided to try this for my class of 24ish first graders to see if it is going to work. Secondly, where my screen is currently, is not the direction I want the tables to face. ARRG!

My beach ball cake pops came out cute. Alot of work but they are cute.


  1. Could you do 2 tables together to make a circle or do you need to be in the middle for groups? You could leave one table open that way to meet with groups. I've wondered about tables since I'm starting Daily 5, but I'm sure our school doesn't have the money for me to change things right now. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm now following you.

    First with Franklin

  2. Room arrangements are like putting a puzzle together sometimes! I found Daily 5 works with any set up! Good luck:)

  3. I dont do and have seen everyone talk about the Daily 5 but I dont know what it is. We have a very dictated program.

    Good idea Erin about the circle. I might try that.